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Facts for Kids: Choctaw Indians (Choctaws)
A good reference book for kids about Choctaw culture and history is Choctaw Lifeways. You can also browse through our reading list of recommended American .

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CHOCTAW HISTORY, LIFE & CULTURE. These articles were taken from various sources and are individually referenced if known. Many are from articles in the .

The Choctaw Trail of Tears
This report will describe some aspects of Choctaw geography, origins, culture and history in order to place that removal in perspective, and will also describe the .

Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture . The history of the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma begins in 1820 when tribal leaders in central Mississippi .

Oklahoma: Choctaw Culture, History, People, Events and Statistics ...
Jun 28, 2010 . Discover more about Oklahoma's largest cultural, racial and ancestral groups. Find information on the history, people, statistics and events of .

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Pushmataha: Choctaw Warrior, Diplomat, and Chief | Mississippi ...
Few Choctaws from the early 1800s are better known than Pushmataha. . had to say into our more complete knowledge of Choctaw culture and history.

Choctaw Nation History - Cable ONE
Jul 9, 1983 . Choctaw Culture, Choctaw history, Choctaw traditions, Choctaw family recreations.....nothing better illustrates Indian friendship with the land .

Presentations - Choctaw Nation Cultural Services
Oct 11, 2011 . Choctaw Culture and History Presentations. The Choctaw Nation Cultural Events and Historic Preservation Departments offer customized .

Choctaw History
The Choctaws have strong ties with the school, being a part of their culture, history and religion, having served as one of the early educational institutions for .

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Selected Reading for Choctaw History and Culture
Books About Choctaw History and Culture. Akers, Donna. Living in the Land of Death: The Choctaw Nation, 1830-1860. Cushman, Horatio B. History of the .

Choctaw Nation
This was the 20th show that Choctaw Nation has sponsored for youth. The first show was in 1992 and had . Expressing cultural, historical ideals through art .

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Choctaw, Oklahoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(New York: Columbia University Press, 1952) p. 403; ^ a b c Everett, Dianna. Choctaw, Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture (accessed January 20, .

Culture of the Choctaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Choctaw beaded pouch, ca. 1900, Oklahoma, Oklahoma History Center. The Culture of the Choctaw has greatly evolved over the centuries combining mostly .

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ECHO Space - Food and Culture, Past and Present in Choctaw ...
The following references provide information about general Choctaw culture and history as well as specific information about food and foodways. For the earliest .


Choctaw Nation Capitol Museum - Choctaw Nation Cultural Services
Oct 13, 2011 . Preserving Choctaw Culture, Heritage, and History. Located in the Historic Choctaw Capitol Museum Building, located at Tvshka Homma, .

Museum - Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Craft demonstrations by Choctaw Artisans and Craftsmen. Showcases Choctaw Culture, History, Government, and Traditional Artforms through exhibitory.

Expressing cultural, historical ideals through art | Choctaw Nation
Expressing cultural, historical ideals through art. By LARISSA COPELAND Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. To represent the tribe as a presenter at Choctaw Days .

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Mississippi Native American History – Chickasaw Nation, Chocktaw ...
The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians is Mississippi's premier source for information about Mississippi's deep cultural history. Their website features a wealth .

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Walking the Choctaw Road
An enlightening introduction gives some background on Choctaw history and culture and explains how he collected the stories from other Choctaw storytellers in .