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Camp Perry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Question book-new.svg . Camp Perry is a National Guard training facility located on the shore of Lake Erie in . In addition to its regular mission as a military training base, Camp Perry also boasts the largest outdoor rifle range in the world.

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30 Cal Gal: Camp Perry Long Range Nationals 2011 - Day 1
Aug 13, 2011 . I am a competitive long range shooter and new this year to the 3 Gun Sport. Member . Camp Perry Long Range Nationals 2011 - Day 1. Wow.

Camp Perry Military Reservation
May 7, 2011 . Secure A Great New Job! . Camp Perry is the largest firing range in the world, and it is their task to maintain a 32 square mile, total exclusion .

Long Range High Power at Camp Perry, Ohio - YouTube
Aug 16, 2009 . Long Range High Power at Camp Perry, Ohio . 2010 Presidents 100, Camp Perry, Ohioby Blackfork62886 views . Click to add a new note.

Progress on Camp Perry's Rodriguez Range Rebuild
Dec 6, 2011 . A muddy scene at Camp Perry's Rodriguez Range . New targetry will be installed, the and I have been assured that the Viale range bugs have .

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A Camp Perry Primer - Long Range Hunting
You are new to the Long Range Hunting website. . My first impulse was to reply, “Bring a sense of humor,” since Camp Perry can be a challenge, and it's not .

NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships, Camp Perry, Ohio
500, National High Power Rifle Long Range Championship, 501 .

Camp Perry National Rifle Matches
Sighting in your rifle for the Camp Perry rifle range is vitally important. At Perry, it's called getting your "dope". This year was the first year a 600 yard practice .

New National Defense Match at Camp Perry
Jul 26, 2011 . New National Defense Match at Camp Perry. Camp Perry will be hosting a National Defense Match during the 2011 National Matches, which is .

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Camp Perry | Army.com
These matches have been held here since 1907 - two years before Camp Perry was even built. Because of it's geographic location, the rifle range at Camp Perry .

A History of the National Matches
The range at Creedmoor (now a part of the Borough of Queens) was built on land owned by the NRA with financial aid from the state of New York, "pick and . No matches were held in 1917, but Camp Perry did host the contests for 1918, and .

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Camp Perry Range Control Tower, National Matches - YouTube
Aug 13, 2011 . Tour of the Range Control Tower near the pier controlling the Camp Perry Ranges. Interview and view from the . Camp Perry Range Control Tower, National Matches. Blackfork6 . Error adding note: Click to add a new note.

The Ohio National Guard: Camp Perry joint Training Center
Camp Perry became a Reception Center for induction of draftees. . Barracks construction, new classroom facilities and a covered firing range were significant .

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Blue and Gray Rifle and Pistol Club Home
Blue and Gray Members Compete in 2011 Small Bore at Camp Perry . Keith Perry set a new range record in the Worley Match at the Blue and Gray range with .


History behind the names of the Camp Perry ranges - THR
The ranges of Camp Perry are named in honor and memory of Medal of . Place and date: At Horseshoe Hill, New Georgia, Solomon Islands, .

Camp Perry Shooting Club - Port Cinton, Ohio - Skeet Trap
Reviewed 03/07/2011, Camp Perry Shooting Club is a friendly and fun place to shoot...Karen and . So you don't feel intimated if you are new or not so good.

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Custom Camp Perry Springfield M1A Auction Benefits NRA volunteers . Maybe you're saving for college for looking to buy a new rifle. If you're doing great things in school, in your community, and on the range, then you could win some of the .

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Ground Breaking for New Camp Perry Indoor Range
Ground Breaking for New Camp Perry Indoor Range . in a ground breaking ceremony at Camp Perry for a new indoor range and marksmanship training facility.

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CMP Marksmanship Centers
Jan 10, 2011 . It is located on the east side of Camp Perry's Petrarca Range. . Shooters, including aspiring new shooters, who live in the Camp Perry, Ohio .